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Reps for Hope Raises Money for Child Hunger



We've kicked off our "Reps for Hope" challenge this month.  No one is exclududed!  This challenge is for everyone to get involved by doing reps of their choice to help raise money for child hunger and homelessness.  

Specific to the Reps for Hope challenge is our God First Family Fitness tee.  With the purchase of this item you signify your support of a lifestyle comitted to health and wellness, and you will have a wearable token signifiying your participation to support a very important cause.  To get involved and help make a difference in a child's life purchase your God First Family Fitness tee now. 

Ready to get involved?  Follow these steps:

1.  Purchase your God First Family Fitness tee

2.  Record a short video doing reps of your choice and share your video with us either by email or tagging #repsforhope on Instagram 

3.  Invite your friends and family to get involved  

4.  Proceeds from the purchase of this tee go to support a local non profit advocating for child hunger and homelessness


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