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Keep At It

As many lows as we've faced and the many lows all around us.  Let's take this time to create some highs.  Some people have had a close up view for a long time.  Its disturbing because you believe that the people that are closest to you should be the ones most apt to understand and appreciate your evolution. 

But that's not always the case.  Sometimes the people that are closest to you are the ones you bother the most.  And this is not a hater thing!  We are here to encourage you to keep going.  Everyone cannot understand what you were created to be, who you are put here to inspire. 

Have you ever been to a movie theater and sat in the very first row?  It puts you closest to the screen but also makes it hard for you to see whats going on in the movie.  But when you take a few steps back you have a different perspective to what you're seeing.  Don't be disappointed with your family members or friends who've had a close seat for so many years.  This is to encourage you to keep at it.  Somebody needs your light and your yes.  Keep at it.  


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