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Staying Fit Will Allow You to Accomplish Amazing Things

Fitness is one of the most important parts of living a healthy and full life.
Not only does physical fitness do great for heart health and mobility, but
when you feel better physically, you’ll feel better mentally, too. You’ll have
more energy for all the wonderful things you do in life. This is why you hear
me say God First, Family, then Fitness.

Fitness is an intimidating word. Some people compare themselves to
others and find themselves lacking, or they see fitness as some
impossible, far-way goal, so they give up. But fitness is a journey, and
wherever you are on that journey is just fine. You don’t need to become a
“fitness nut” who places getting the perfect body above all else—in fact,
that wouldn’t be healthy, either. Just keep moving, and God will give you
the strength you need to stay on track.

If you put God first, sow into your family, and focus on your fitness goals,
you will see positive results.  

I live this journey everyday....ok MOST days.  I do it for myself and my family, because I want many healthy years I can spend with them. I spread the message of faith, family, and physical fitness because I can see it working in my own life.

The SCSM brand stands for a healthy approach to physical fitness. Our t-
shirts and leggings serve as reminders of all the amazing things we can accomplish, if we just keep moving on this journey of physical fitness. And since our shirts double as exercise apparel, you’ll be ready to go at anytime. A walk,
a run, some pushups, some squats, jumping jacks, or maybe a HITT, core
or extreme workout. Whatever it is, whatever strikes you, go do it.

SCSM wants to help you stay on track as you proceed along your fitness
journey! We are here for you! To remind you, to encourage you, and to
show you what you’re capable of. And with that in mind…I need to go exercise!

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